5 Back to School Tips From a Nanny

By: Jada Rashawn

Back-to-School season is officially in session and I’m excited to share with you my top five tips for making this transition from Summer fun to School schedule in an effort to help kick things off to a great start!

Note: While these tips are geared towards nannies, parents can greatly benefit from this advice as well!

1. Allow enough time to communicate and develop a Back-to-School Plan!

The first two weeks in August is an ideal time to figure out what the kiddos are in need of, whether it be new backpacks, lunch boxes, etc., and it is especially important to communicate this with your employers so that you are not purchasing duplicate items! Most of your employers have demanding jobs, so be sure to talk with them to determine the best way to go over everything needed for a successful start to the school year. In my experience, email, or in person works best followed by a few text messages here and there to go reiterate what was previously discussed. However, every employer/nanny relationship is different. Choose the most effective route to take and if sending a text message in a group chat is the most effective, then perfect!

Pro tip: Many families are leaving for one final vacation in August before returning to school, so it’s a great time to catch your bosses before they leave (assuming you are sitting this trip out) and do a brief run through of all that needs to get done before the first day of school!

2. Buy as much as you can online and utilize home delivery services such as shipt during the kiddos nap/quiet time!

I remember wondering when on earth would I be able to find the time to shop for everything my little ones needed, and most of the time I just couldn’t fit it into our daily schedule. Moreover, it was challenging enough to shop with multiple children under the age of 5 successfully! However, now with online services like Shipt and Amazon Prime back-to-school shopping has become so much easier! Use Amazon to purchase immediate school supplies and Shipt for your bulk food orders for school lunches and after-school snacks!

3. Reorganize closets and begin to make room for new school clothes

The closets are filled with tank tops, shorts, swim trunks, and flip flops. It’s time to get the closet back in order for school. I like to choose a day out of the week to schedule fitting days with my charges where we try on shoes, and shirts to see if we need to go a size up (the little ones tend to grow a ton over the break so this is very important to do!) In addition, we need to clear the closets to make room for all of your new purchases! I like to do this as soon as I arrive to work, or right after the kiddos naps since we are already in the room.

4. Schedule doctor appointments

Be sure to be up to date with your charge’s vaccinations and physicals! Whether its orthodontist appointments, physicals, or eye appointments, make these appointments NOW. If your charge is involved in sports, they won’t be able to play if this isn’t taken care of — some children won’t even have access to their portal if records aren’t up to date, so just be sure to get with mom and dad if you’re responsible for scheduling these things!

5. Utilize Target’s drive up service!

I highly recommended ordering as much as you possibly can online, but some things just call for a trip to Target. If you find yourself just needing to make a Target run, but you don’t want to make the trip longer by taking the little ones with inside, utilize Target’s drive up service. Very similar to any other ‘curbside service,’ and it works perfectly if you need to load large items into the car!

Bonus: Meal plan!

One thing I really enjoy doing ahead of time is meal planning. It is smooth sailing when you know already know what meals will be prepared each day. Normally once the kiddos are settled into the school year, I plan meals weekly, but its just nice to find some time at the beginning of the month giving yourself a chance to really plan and pin some fun, delicious and creative breakfast, lunchand dinner meals the littles ones will enjoy!

Pro tip: Meal planning also allows you to see what your children are loving and how much of it they are consuming. Makes for a great way to implement more/different healthy options into your meals as well!

Bonus: Get your charges’ rooms ready!

As long as the sun is shining, it’s summer vacation for the little ones, so don’t wait to talk to the kids about back to school during the last week! Start it right at the beginning of the month! Get them excited, and use the weeks leading up to school to reintroduce routines (early bedtimes, early wakeup times etc) and reorganize homework/desk spaces and playrooms with learning material you go over. It makes the transition so much more smooth!

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 back to school tips along with a few extras! While I want you to have time to get back into the swing of things, I still encourage you to enjoy the rest of the vacation as well. Share below if you found these tips helpful 🙂

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