Actress Amy Davidson + The Nanny League

We absolutely love our clients, and our clients love us! Please read celebrity, actress, and mommy blogger (former 8 Simple Rules star) Amy Davidson‘s wonderful blog post about her recent experience working with The Nanny League below. Thank you, Amy! We adore you and little Lennox!

Lennox is 14 months old and I just now hired a nanny from a well-known service to help out with my son when I am working. Up until now, I have only trusted family and close friends to watch our son. I’m not sure why, but I never felt comfortable leaving Lennox with a stranger. I mean, as I write that it makes total sense to me. How could I feel comfortable leaving my son with someone I do not know? He’s still so young, he still sucks on his pacifier. Well, Lindsay Thomason, the founder of the Nanny League made me so incredibly comfortable that I trusted her opinion and her referrals for her nannies. Not only were all of the resumes stellar, but Lindsay has made her life’s work to educate her nannies at an even higher level than what is offered from other services.

Lindsay Thomason is the Founder & CEO of The Nanny League, the first placement agency in the US made up of college-educated nannies. Based in LA, SF, Austin, NYC & Philadelphia, The Nanny League services cities throughout the US. Lindsay is extremely passionate about advocating for women & children and currently oversees 1,000+ nannies. TNL just launched the first-ever online training program specifically for nannies about child sexual abuse prevention and mitigation. The training provides nannies with an overview on the issue of CSA– including trafficking: what it is, what it does, how you can prevent it, how you can detect a problem, and how you can report it.

Thank you for reading this blog. I am incredibly happy that I have met Lindsay and now have a broader spectrum of the child care that is available to me, to us. I would like to personally thank Lindsay for making this transition smooth and comfortable for my family and I. Lennox fell in love with Karla the minute he met her. Now, that’s saying a lot. This little guy is incredibly friendly but he doesn’t trust just anyone. Thank you Lindsay for not only adding options for the care of my son, but for adding a sense of confidence and reassurance that I have chosen the right person to look after him. I cannot thank you enough.

Please feel free to check out her website to learn more about The Nanny League and Lindsay! By mentioning me, you will receive a $250 discount off any service!! I feel strongly about this company and would NEVER lead you astray! Besides, I trust my most prized possession with them…



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