Favorite Summer Activities!

Favorite Summer Activities from Nanny Expert Jada Rashawn 

Summer is in full swing, and if you live in Texas or anything like Texas, then you know Summer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve reached the end of July entering into August, and it is usually right at around this time when the list of “fun things to do” over the Summer begins to…shrink. Summer camps are ending and the little ones are returning home for continued fun in the Sun. It may feel like everyone is going out of town for the last few weeks leading up to school starting back up, but many families and nannies are staying in town and in need of  more ideas, more activities, more crafts, and more creative fun. Not to worry because that’s what this post is all about! I have quite a few favorite activities to partake in over the Summer so I’ve rallied up my list and a few tips to make repetitive trips more unique and exciting in an attempt to avoid the boredom streak we all fall susceptible to after doing the same thing over and over numerous times throughout the week and the month. Here is my list of our favorite Summer activities:

Zoo remix!

Trips to the zoo are such fun ways to get outside and allow your little ones to explore. It’s actually one of my favorite places to visit anytime of the year. However, depending on the size of your local zoo, and how often you visit, this trip can easily become a bit boring for some if you’ve seen just about everything there and have gone a few times already this summer (I highly doubt that though because, Summer heat!). Since I love the zoo so much and know that there are tons of ways to make each visit feel like a fun new adventure, I’m including it in my list of favorites because there’s truly so much to see, and so much to learn! It’s also the perfect way to wear the little ones out just in time for nap! This is where the “remix” comes in: 

Create a Scavenger Hunt! 


Creating a scavenger hunt puts intention behind your trip and it’s such a great way to explore new parts of the zoo, seeing things you normally overlook, or perhaps you feel like you’ve learned all you can about a giraffe and it’s spots. I’ve included a free download of a scavenger hunt for you guys to take with you on your next visit! 

Pro tip: Most zoos allow members to visit a bit earlier than those with general admission tickets, so take advantage of this AND the cool air. Plus more animals are out when it’s less hot! 

Bonus tip: Squad up and invite your nanny and parent friends out to make the hunt that much more adventurous! 

A Ball of Fun! 

Playing in sprinklers has gotten way more exciting since the early 2000s, and I’m so glad because what adults remember today to be such a childhood nostalgic activity, running through the sprinklers has evolved into a fun experience that go beyond mom and dad’s water hose. I don’t believe they will ever go out of style. I absolutely love the variety that Target sells. They come in oversized beach balls, large cactus, dinosaurs, unicorns, and rainbows! Such a great way cool down without committing to the pool! 

Pro tip: I’m sure your tiny humans will be perfectly fine just running in and out of the sprinkler action, but a fun activity to incorporate into this is adding beach buckets and/or plastic cups for the little to fill up. If there’s multiple kiddos, then make it a fun competition of last one to fill up their cup wins! 

Car Wash!

You’re probably noticing a pattern here… we have incorporated lots of water in this Favorite Summer Activity list! Car washes are another Summer fave because they’re entertaining, they kill a ton of time, and you have an opportunity to clean things you normally don’t get around to and chances are they need it! So grab those wagons, tricycles, toy cars, and if they’re big enough, have them help wash even your own vehicle and fill a few buckets up with water, play “Car wash” and “Baby Shark” while you give those toys a squeaky clean wash down in the driveway! 

Pro tip: Dress the tinies in rashguards /bathing suits and water shoes (things are going to get slippery) before beginning your car wash activity! Also add food coloring to your water to make it more interesting (I promise it won’t stain your cars), and add different cleaning sponges and towels to make it fun. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

Check out these awesome cleaning tools below!

Inflatable Pool Fun!

For the longest time blow up pools have just been blow up pools. Until minnidip came around. This activity isn’t just for the little ones. It’s for the parents, nannies and your friends. Sold at Target, the minnidip is the first luxury inflatable pool. Swim in it for a bit, sit in it and take Instagram worthy photos, or let the tots play “Go Fish”  in it and pretend they are fishing for fish!

Pro tip: Fishing is fun, and doesn’t only involve toy fish with the little ones! Check out these adorable numbers, and alphabets to fish for, and make it a learning game encouraging the littles to “find the blue fish!” 

Ball pit fun is such a fun way to spice up your inflatable pool fun as well! Add water or just fill the pool with the balls and you’ve got the perfect fun activity for the smaller babes! We love this set from amazon! 

DIY Mini Garden! 

I just absolutely love anything involving dirt, plants, and processes that allows your little ones to see change, growth and progress overtime. It’s fun to do this with even simply a beautiful flower, but how fun is it to plant edible veggies for the little ones! I believe they’ll be more inclined to try them out afterwards because they were involved in the planting, watering and picking process! 

Butterfly Growing Kit

Much similar to the veggie garden, the butterfly growing kits are great ways to teach your children about life, growth and progress! What a fun way to end the Summer. These kits include caterpillars and everything you need to get started.

Pro tip: Whenever putting together activities like this, its always fun to track the progress each day to see how your garden is doing, and if possible centering the activity around a theme incorporating books about butterflies such as Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” maximizes the activity turning it into such a fun and meaningful lesson.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of Summer favorites, and I that you’ve found new ways to make a few Summer activities exciting and adventurous for the remainder of the Summer! Share with us below what activities you guys have been participating in, and also which activity from this list was your favorite! Be sure to keep up with us The Nanny League on social media and subscribe to our mailing list for future posts!

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