Fun Products & Activities for the Fall!

Looking for some fun ideas to enjoy this Fall with your littles? We’ve put together this fall activity list for you guys to enjoy all season long!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch!

A Fall favorite is frequenting the pumpkin patch! Consider these tips before embarking on your next visit:

  • Don’t go alone! Why reserve all the fun just for yourself? Squad up with your nanny and or mommy friends for a full day of fun together (plus, the more adults to keep up with the littles, the better!). Many pumpkin patches have hay rides, hay stacks, and more attractions that quickly turn a regular day of pumpkin picking into a full fledge Fall adventure!
  • Make the pumpkin patch your classroom! Since most of our nannies have a degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development, they love incorporating learning into their everyday routine. Take this particular opportunity and make the pumpkin patch your classroom! Discuss the various different sizes of the pumpkins to your little one, utilize their senses and describe the textures of the pumpkins (which pumpkins are bumpy, which ones are smooth?). Your MB and DBs will love that your littles took home more from the pumpkin patch than just the pumpkin(s) alone!


Corn mazes are a ton of fun but be sure to hold your charges’ hands because getting lost can be rather easy! A great way to stay the course is to find creative ways to remember the dead ends that don’t lead to a real exit (this means bring your phone and take a ton of pictures!). Make it a game for you and your littles to remember the paths you’ve already chosen, and let them take a stab at leading the way! Winner gets two pumpkins instead of one!

Enjoy the cooler weather with a family bike ride!

Bike rides in the Fall are the BEST. Whether you choose to explore your own neighborhood or find a bike trail just outside your city, be sure to load the kiddos up in the Madsen Cycle! It can fit up to 4 little ones, and there’s even room for lugging around snacks, diaper bags and more! Don’t forget to wear your helmets (as always, safety first!) and be sure to stop along the way to take in the views (and snap some pictures) for your scrapbook!

Picnic with Veer Gear Cruiser

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Picnics are often taken for granted, but we can’t get enough of them here! They’re such a great way to really turn any place into your office at work. Call your nanny gang, and coordinate a fun picnic filled with tons of snacks, bubbles, books, and balls and more for a beautiful day at the park! The Veer wagon is the perfect addition to your picnic adventures. It’s an all terrain wagon with ample space allowing children from infant to school age to fit in safely for a fun stroll, and it is equipped to take on even your biggest adventures with its durable all terrain wheels. We think it makes for the perfect picnic partner because it makes storing your picnic blankets, snacks, and little ones a breeze. Nothing beats beautiful Fall weather plus ample storage!

Leaf/Nature Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts during the Fall are fun for everyone! Discovering the different colors of leaves, and learning about all that this season brings is such a pleasant experience. Scavenger hunts can be held in your backyard, or even at the park on a nature trail. Your little ones will love discovering the fall critters that are out, the crunchy leaves that hit the ground, and the flowers that are still in bloom. Be sure to throw in a few additional things to find on your hunt such as “something purple” or “yellow” to make the hunt a bit more challenging. Afterwards, you can do a fun leaf art craft with all the leaves you’ve collected like the one included in the picture below from Busy Toddler!

Nanny Tip: Don’t forget to check your local newspapers and directories for an entire Fall schedule of happenings at your local museums, botanical gardens and more!

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