Glide Into Summer with This New Training Bike

per A balance bike, or glide bike is a training bike that helps kids learn to balance and steer a bike safely. Balance bikes do not have pedals, crank set, and chain or training wheels. Glide Bikes are built for small children and special needs kids who are ready to learn how to ride a bike. Glide bikes utilize Downhill mountain bike geometry to achieve a very low speed balance point of less than 2mph and are light weight 8lbs for the Mini Glider and 10 for the Go Glider.

Balance bikes are small enough so children can walk the bicycle while sitting comfortably with both feet on the ground. Children learn by walking the glide bike sitting on the seat. In time, children become comfortable enough to run and “glide” while riding the bicycle and are able to lift their feet off the ground and balance on two wheels. Kids as early as 24 months can learn to glide a balance bike with practice.

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