Hire a Nanny Share

A safe and affordable solution for your in-home childcare needs

Do you no longer have in-home childcare set up since the suspension of visas for Au Pairs last month? Consider hiring a Nanny Share with a fellow friend or neighbor in your community!

What is a Nanny Share, you ask?

Typically, nanny shares consist of two families, who are often in the same neighborhood or who have children in the same age range. The nanny can care for your children under one roof, or split time between each home. Enjoy all the benefits of having a nanny with convenient in-home, quality childcare you can afford. 

I am interested, how do I get started?

1) Post your needs on the our Facebook group Nanny Share to find the perfect family to set up a nanny share.  

2) Fill out our application on The Nanny League and we will give you a call to review your needs in detail.

3) We will email you resumes for viable candidates who specifically meet your families’ needs and set up interviews.

4) We encourage you to do a working trial with your potential hire. You are responsible for paying them for their time via cash or check (or viable cash app) during this time.  We offer 24 hours to trial a candidate (hours spread over a week’s time or two 12-hr days).

5) Ready to make an offer? We will provide you with a Sample Nanny Family Contract and connect you with our payroll experts. We serve as a continued source of support and advice for both you and your nanny throughout their employment!

Please note that the agency fee (15% of the nanny’s annual gross salary) is due at time of hire, and will be split in half between the two families.   As a courtesy, The Nanny League is offering a discount code: TNL2020  (20% off the placement fee) to any family registering for a Nanny Share. That is thousands of dollars in savings on the agency fee alone.

More about The Nanny League 

The Nanny League represents only educated, thoughtful, and highly qualified professionals who are passionate about childcare. Each has special areas of interests and talents that we match with families of similar needs. Every placement is of utmost importance to us. Our nannies must exhibit good character, responsibility, excellent experience and references. The Nanny League will partner with you in developing your nanny’s specific job description and salary. Our fees are competitive within the industry and are dependent upon each individual case. Should the employee not work out for any reason within ninety (90) days of their start date, we will work diligently for an additional ninety (90) days to provide additional candidates. If we have not found a viable option, we will issue a 20% refund of the initial referral fee. In addition, The Nanny League will connect you with top legal and financial professionals to assist you with your tax and accounting needs as requested.


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