How to Entertain the Kids during COVID-19 Quarantine

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How to Entertain the Kids When They Are Tired of Being Inside

By contributor: Carrie Spencer

Finding entertaining indoor activities for your youngsters can be challenging, especially if you want those activities to be beneficial. We did some digging for activities that are both fun and worthwhile so your kids are not just occupied; they keep learning and growing. Read on for our favorites that you can add to your parenting toolkit!

Get Their Creative Juices Flowing

Kids tend to be pretty creative naturally, which might lead you to think they don’t need a lot of encouragement in that area. However, as the Creation Station explains, creative play is essential for their developing minds and bodies. It’s a boon to their imaginations, senses, and communication skills. They can advance their eye-hand coordination, concentration, and problem-solving abilities. It even encourages better social skills.

There are plenty of ways you can engage children in creative activities — you aren’t limited to crayons and paper, so let your own imagination run wild! You can give them prompts for creative writing, they could put on a play, or you could assemble some materials for recycled crafts. There are also kits you can buy with built-in creative fun, such as scientific terrariums and outer space-oriented crafts. It’s even a chance to learn valuable life skills like sewing. Do some looking to find solutions that your kids will love!

Get Their Wiggles Out

It can be frustrating for kids and adults alike when everyone is cooped up inside. Not only do kids get frustrated and wiggly, but it’s also important to understand that physical activity is critical to their well-being. Healthline points out that exercise helps kids develop strong muscles and bones and reduces the risk of a number of physical issues, including diabetes and cancer. At the same time, it helps kids avoid problems such as depression and anxiety, and it builds their self-confidence and thinking skills.

There are plenty of ways to let your kids blow off steam and get those wiggles out, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Clear a space and pull out a hula hoop, let them play broom hockey or soccer in an empty hallway, or plug them into some dance videos. A little bit of movin’ and shakin’, and those wiggles will be long gone!

Grow Their Own Veggie Plants

While it’s not a single day’s event, you can help your kids learn all about natural processes and science through indoor gardening projects. With an empty container and some soil, they can grow their own garlic, or a small section of a celery base in water will sprout a new plant in time. Sweet potatoes are another easy-to-grow, kid-friendly veggie — just prop them up with toothpicks in a jar, add water, and wait! Not only does this exercise teach kids about how plants grow, but it also provides valuable lessons about where food comes from, it’s a chance to teach them about nutrition, and it builds their understanding of nurturing life. With a little bit of patience and a lot of fun, it’s a multi-pronged educational undertaking!

Good, Clean, Quiet Fun

While many of these activities require your attention, and some of them may even be on the noisy side, indoor entertainment doesn’t have to be entirely that way. When everyone is ready for some quiet time, consider a classic go-to: reading. Reading for pleasure is a classic for good reasons; not only a quiet way for youngsters to stay occupied, but it can also help with things like developing empathy and social skills, it encourages personal resilience, and it helps kids develop new ways of strategizing.

You can head to the library for loaners, invest in books that interest your kids, or even look into free ebooks they can download to a tablet or e-reader. Just double-check their selections before they download anything so you can verify that they’re free and age-appropriate!

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