How to Keep the Kids Learning over Break

5 Ideas to keep your Kiddos Learning (and having fun) this winter break!

1) LOCAL EXCURSIONS.  For you Austinites, The Thinkery children’s museum is designed to offer the whole family experiences in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and sensory play! Or we suggest heading to Zach Theatre to see a musical or a play. Nothing beats entertainment that is also educational and FUN! Check online for your city’s local children’s STEM and theatre options.

2) ARTS & CRAFTS.  If you’re shopping for things that can do in-home, our go-to store is Lakeshore Learning. They specialize in providing not only supplies for teachers and the classroom, but also in unique & educational crafts, toys and games.  If you’re wanting to use supplies you already have around the house, for more of a DIY experience, we recommend checking out our friend Jamie Dorobek’s blog C.R.A.F.T. for her fantastic DIY/ Arts & Crafts ideas for all ages!

3) SCRAPBOOK.  Another idea is to start a Scrapbook with your kiddos – gather all of the tests, artwork, pictures, handwritten cards or ticket stubs you’ve saved over the past year and create a beautiful memory book. You can purchase all scrapbook materials and stickers from Paper Source. The kids will be able reflect on all of their wonderful experiences and accomplishments over the past year and treasure this keepsake when they’re older.

4) CREATE & RECORD YOUR OWN BAKING SHOW.  Baking shows are all the rage and our nannies love being hands on with their charges. What’s better than helping them create their own  baking show that they can playback over and over again?!  Set up your phone on the counter and pretend you’re a professional chef. Walk through measurements, discuss nutrition and more with your “audience”. If you want to get really fancy then you can spend time together editing the video in iMovie and playback. The kiddos really love to see themselves on camera and they usually end up being super funny and playful Your children will take pride in what they made and even help those picky eaters eat what they made (so be sure to sneak in those greens)!  Check out two-year-old Romeo’s show for inspiration

5) READ & COLOR WITH CARIBU. This is the perfect app for our high-profile/HNW families, especially those who are stuck traveling over the holidays (and when the nanny is full charge).  This is also the perfect interactive app for extended family, for grandparents who live far away and for those with loved ones in the military overseas.  Caribu allows you to spend quality time together even if you’re not physically able to— like reading or coloring together! How cool is that?!




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