Is it Safe to Send my Child Back to School?


This is the question on every parent’s mind right now. And with so many varying opinions flooding the internet, it has become a challenge for parents to listen to their own inner voice: What is best for my child? Is it safe for my child to go back to school? We are here to help you make the best decision for your family by providing you with options that suit your childcare needs.

Hire a Private Educator

We have had an influx of requests for Private Educators over the past couple of months for those parents opting for, and or for those whose schools are only offering remote/virtual learning.  Our private educators are typically former [traditional in-classroom] teachers with a MA, ED. specializing in either multi-subject or single-subject; they oftentimes have experience also in a more intimate setting working with children 1:1 as private tutors.  Many clients have chosen to take this level of care a step further, and to enhance their child’s socialization, and have formed pandemic pods or “micro-schools” for their children. This is a great option for children both homeschooling and or virtually learning.

Hire a Nanny Share

But what are parents with younger children supposed to do? What are working parents with children who are not yet in school to do? What about the families whose local daycare is closed and or the family who cannot afford a nanny on their own? One safe, alternative solution to traditional in-home care is the concept of a Nanny Share.  Typically, nanny shares consist of two families, who are often in the same neighborhood or who have children in the same age range. The nanny can care for your children under one roof, or split time between each home. Enjoy all the benefits of having a nanny with convenient in-home, quality childcare you can afford.  We created a Facebook group for families searching for other families looking share a nanny with here.

Hire a Full-time, Part-time or Temporary Nanny

If you are able to afford a nanny on your own, we highly suggest looking into a reputable agency like The Nanny League to hire a professional. Our professional nannies will adhere to CDC guidelines and take necessary precautions surrounding COVID-19 to best suit your family’s overall safety. We offer full-time, part-time long-term nannies and temporary nannies. No matter your needs, our matchmakers will present you with quality candidates for your consideration.

No matter what form of childcare and or “schooling” you are signing up for, please be prepared to also speak to a payroll service so that any and all of your household employees are paid legally. Our preferred partner HomePay offers free phone consultations!

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