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“When you’re working parents, one of the hardest decisions you’ve got to make is finding the right childcare for your family.  Many families choose to hire a nanny to have a more personalized and one-on-one interaction with their children.  But when you’re hiring an individual, how do you ensure you’re finding someone you completely trust with your child and your home, who’s reliable, honest and great with kids?  It’s like hiring a second (or third) parent for your children.  For many parents, it’s hard to find the right match.” – Elizabeth Caliva, LezBeMommies Radio host.

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On this episode, CEO & Founder, Lindsay Thomason, and Recruitment Specialist, Anna Stivers, of The Nanny League gave listeners tips on how to find the right nanny, including:

* What to look for in a nanny

* What to think about when writing a job description

* Suggestions for interview questions, reference checks and background checks

* How to do a trial run with prospective nannies

* Standard benefits for nannies and basics on the legal aspects of hiring a nanny

* The benefits and costs of nanny placement services

* A special offer for LezBeMommies Radio listeners

We also proudly announced our recent expansion to San Diego!  If you are interested in submitting your resume to The Nanny League, or in finding the perfect nanny, please email  Listeners will receive 25% OFF their placement fee!

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