The Nanny League’s Top Ten List of 2020

The Nanny League’s Top 10 Favorite Things of 2020

(in no particular order)

1. Favorite Children’s Book

Gross Foods!

As a fellow entrepreneur, I have to say that this book speaks to my soul!

Hayes Drumwright is not only a father of five children but a successful entrepreneur himself, and he wanted to create a series of books for children that encourages self reliance, creativity, and perseverance. With this in mind the “Little Entrepreneurs” series was born, and Gross Foods the first book to be published! It has such an inspiring message and is beautifully written & illustrated. 

Purchase your copy here

More about Gross Foods:

Brinley and Delilah are sisters with big dreams of becoming chefs. Upon sharing those dreams with adults, they are told they are too young and will have to grow up before doing something great. Their father listens carefully and gives them advice to trust themselves, be brave, and take chances. This sends Brinley and Delilah on a fun and comical adventure into starting their very own food stand called “Gross Foods.” The girls truly make a brave plan with a menu of mud cakes, sludge pudding, and moldy bread and those brave enough to try it get a terrific surprise. Gross Foods is the first in a series called “Little Entrepreneurs” encouraging kids and parents alike to seek brave lives.

2. Favorite Picture Sharing App


Stitch is our favorite photo sharing app to date!  It is FREE to use and you can create an album by leveraging their easy-to-use templates. They even have a template called ‘Nanny Album.’ Once your album is created, who you share it with is up to you.  Another benefit of Stitch is that your content is secure, private, and hosted in the Cloud so you don’t have to worry about taking up any additional storage on your phone. You can think of us as Dropbox meets social media with an interactive and private approach.

More good new: Stitch is currently hosting a special Nanny Craft contest now up until Dec 31st 2020! This contest will expose you to the capabilities of the Stitch app while showcasing YOUR best craft-making skills. Enter to win up to $500 in prizes!

3. Favorite Parenting Coach

Robbin McManne

Robbin McManne is a certified parent coach and global parenting expert. She helps moms and dads who have looked high and low for parenting solutions that can help you get more cooperation and end your frustrations.  She has created a video exclusive to members of the Nanny League, with some special tips and tricks to help you get through this time of year with online learning, working from home and how you can create a stronger connection with your kids.

Plus, there’s a special gift exclusively for members of the Nanny League!

Click here to claim your FREE call– spots fill up fast! 

4. Favorite Web Series for Parents

Bare in Mind

We love Alexis Bare for her brutal (and hilarious) honesty in her refreshing web series: Bare in Mind!

Bare In Mind hosts real conversations with professionals across the various stages of parenthood – consolidating information and empowering parents as they sort through the inner parental dialogue. Alexis provides parents access to the knowledge of professionals on the various topics they face raising their little humans.  All of her guests are creditable, inspiring, successful men and women, and our conversations are real, practical, and relatable.

Check them out (and get ready to laugh, and maybe even pee your pants a little) here!

5. Favorite Kid’s Subscription Box

The Create Kit

We love the Create Kit because it is designed with your child in mind. This subscription truly helps take the guesswork out of toddler crafts & activities—aka a win/win for parents and nannies!

Each box includes a developmental guide to see what your child is learning while crafting.  In addition, each box comes with a specially curated playlist that goes with what your child is crafting to encourage learning through movement. Also, boxes include fun and unique recipe ideas and every box will include communication and literacy tips designed to spark imagination and play through reading!

Find out what membership options works best for you here!

6. Favorite Children’s Game Ages 5-12

Stomp It Out

One of the greatest gifts our nannies offer our clients & their families is their education & background mixed with their strong passion for Child Development, Early Childhood Education, and/or Child Psychology.⠀

As you know, kids experience big emotions throughout their development, and it is our job as parents, educators, and caretakers to help provide them with the tools necessary for them to best navigate these big emotions in a constructive way. Insert: the emotional expression & problem solving game: Stomp It Out!
Stomp It Out is a movement-based educational game for kids ages 5 -12 years old of all skill levels. It helps kids learn healthy ways how to handle stress & challenges (hello, #pandemiclife)! In fact, COVID-19 related situations are included in the game to support kids in processing their experiences during this intense time! ⠀

Stop It Out helps children build:⠀

?Feeling identification⠀
?Emotional expression⠀
?Coping & problem-solving skills⠀
?Spatial awareness⠀
?Social Skills⠀

Purchase or gift your own Stomp It Out here!

7. Favorite New Mom Resource

Learning Motherhood

Kimberly Didrikson started Learning Motherhood shortly after becoming a mother herself in an effort to offer moms returning back to work a community to support this transition while educating organizations and providing tools to support retaining their working parents in the workforce.

Learning Motherhood is working each day to change the current trajectory for working families by providing tools to support them in being able to navigate the realities of the pandemic and thereafter. The importance of having resources is crucial to coming out of this current unsustainable reality and Learning Motherhood is here to support the individual working mom as well as the organizations that needs the talent of these incredible families.

“Our mission is to create a culture that will educate and empower moms in their personal life, family, and workplace. Allowing parenthood and careers to work together by assisting employers on providing the right tools to retain their employees prior to and after the birth of a family. As the CEO of Learning Motherhood, I touch every aspect of the business from teaching our series for expectant mothers to our working mom series and supporting organizations to build out programs in assisting the needs of their parent community.” – Kimberly Didrikson, owner & founder.

Learn more about Learning Motherhood here!

8. Favorite Toddler Curriculum

T is for Tot

We have been searching for a toddler curriculum that our nannies could provide for their young learners; for something that is play-based, but still able to help prepare toddlers for preschool and kindergarten. Insert: T is for Tot!

Meghan Foster, curriculum developer, former Kindergarten teacher and mother of two boys, developed ‘T is for Tot’. It is a play-based, literacy-rich, all-encompassing curriculum perfect for the nanny in your life to use with your littles!

Our Nanny League families can pre-order this curriculum (available on January 1st, 2021) now… just sign up at!  You don’t want to miss this awesome deal!

9. Favorite Fitness App

Studio Bloom

Studio Bloom is The Bloom Method’s virtual fitness studio packed with a variety of workout styles and evidence based education to help you thrive in pregnancy, early postpartum, and your modern motherhood lifestyle.

Brooke Cates created The Bloom Method with a desire to empower women before, during, and after pregnancy. She is a Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Specialist, Core Rehabilitation Specialist and Prenatal and Postnatal Holistic Health Coach. Brooke was motivated to provide women with tools to help support their pregnancies, encourage them during birth, and to prevent common pregnancy-related issues such as diastasis recti, pelvic floor incontinence, and prolapse.

USE CODE: NANNYLEAGUE50 for 50% off your membership and receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to over 100+ on demand fitness classes designed for you!

Learn more about Brook and why we love Studio Bloom here!

10. Favorite Intimacy Coach

Denise Wiesner

Denise Wiesner, (@denisewiesnerlac), fertility expert, licensed acupuncturist and intimacy coach is here to help any of our clients with own intimacy or fertility needs.  We love her nurturing and disarming overall approach and know that you will too!  It is her vision to live in a world where people are empowered around their health and are free of shame around their sexuality.  What a wonderful world that would be!

To learn more about Denise and to book a session with her, head to her website: or ASAP!

Cheers to 2020… 2021, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for you!

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