Upsie Belly® to the Rescue!

23 Weeks Pregnant with Twins… where’s the relief?!

Belly Bandit® Upsie Belly® to the rescue!

Holy shnikes, pregnancy is no friggin’ joke!  Despite my effervescent bliss internally, carrying twins has reeked havoc on my body and resulted in more physical challenges than I ever could have anticipated. A body that looks more like a walking Atlas with each passing day (hello, veins galore!), a pelvis that has completely shifted, and fatigue that hits me out of left field like a freight train, I have found myself asking, “Where is the manual on this one?” and, “Where, oh where, DO I GET SOME RELIEF?!

Running a business that requires me to be on 24/7, meeting with clients and nannies throughout the day, leaves me little to no time for the physical challenges that come with pregnancy. And although I have done my best to nurture myself through each physical and emotional stage, from prenatal yoga, daily Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salt baths and weekly chiropractic appointments with the incomparable Dr. Allie, nothing has been able to provide me with instant relief from my sciatic pain like the Belly Bandit® Upsie Belly®

The Upsie Belly® is the only product that has been able to provide me with the quick fix I need these days just to function normally and carry on business as usual. It is so lightweight and comfortable that I oftentimes forget that I even have it on, a huge plus! I particularly love the back pocket for storing the cold or warm compress it comes with (talk about icing on the cake). Run, not walk, and get your Upsie Belly® and kick pregnancy (before it kicks you) in the ass!

You got this mama.


Lindsay (CEO/Founder)

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