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We represent only educated, thoughtful, and highly qualified professionals who are passionate about childcare. Each has special areas of interests and talents that we match with families of similar needs. Every placement is of utmost importance to us. Our nannies must exhibit good character, responsibility, excellent experience and references. The Nanny League will partner with you in developing your nanny’s specific job description and salary. Our fees are competitive within the industry and are dependent upon each individual case. Should the employee not work out for any reason within ninety (90) days of their start date, we will work diligently for an additional ninety (90) days to provide additional candidates. If we have not found a viable option, we will issue a 20% refund of the initial referral fee. In addition, The Nanny League will connect you with top legal and financial professionals to assist you with your tax and accounting needs as requested. WE DO NOT CHARGE AN APPLICATION, REGISTRATION OR INTERVIEW PROCESS FEE. PAYMENT IS ONLY DUE UPON HIRE OF YOUR NEW NANNY. Let the matchmaking begin…


Benefits: Personalized Process

Personalized Process

We are not a one size fits all agency. Each placement is unique and customized for the special family it serves. Let us connect you with candidates who specifically fit your needs through a trusted and personalized placement process.
Benefits: Quality Coverage

Quality Coverage

We ensure that you always have quality care you can count on! In the event your nanny is sick or has a family emergency, we will provide you with one of our professional back‐up nannies to cover his/her shift at no extra fee.
Benefits: Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

We offer a guarantee of our service. In case you do not feel like the nanny you have hired is turning out to be the right fit, we will ensure you up to two complimentary replacements within the first 90-days or a portion of your money back.


Pricing: No Registration Fees

No Registration Fees

We do not charge a registration or startup fee. You may meet with, interview, and trial as many candidates through us as you wish, with no money down. The one time placement fee is due only at time of hire.
Pricing: Salary Determined by You

Salary Determined By You

We are happy to provide you with the average salary range in your area. The salary or hourly rate is up to you and your family’s needs and budget. We will work to present you with candidates who fit your budget.
Pricing: No Recurring Fees

No Recurring Fees

You only pay the agency fee once, at time of hire! Fees vary on the particular placement. To read more about our specific fees per placement, scroll down to Services below.
Nanny League


No. 1
Family Application
We want to hear all about you and your family’s needs. From number of children to duties required, we like to obtain as much information from you as possible to best match you with one of our qualified candidates. Upon submission, we will send you our Family Contract so we can begin the matchmaking process.
Let's Get Started!
Nannies: Fill Out Application
Nannies: Create Your Resume
No. 2
The Matchmaking Process
We will send you resumes for viable candidates who specifically meet your family’s needs. This is truly where the magic happens. We believe in quality over quantity, and will only send you candidates we believe are worth your time and consideration.
No. 3
We will work together to coordinate interviews for you and the candidates in consideration. We are happy to set the first interview up inside or outside of your home. Regardless of your preference, we will help make this process seamless and enjoyable!
Nannies: Interview
Nannies: References and Background Check
No. 4
Trial Period. Up to 24 HRS, as Desired
This typically takes place over the course of two 12-hr days or over a one-week period. There is no agency fee for this trial period, but you are responsible for paying the nanny directly for his/her time. Please note that if you do plan to trial the candidate for more than the 24-hr period, a $500 non-refundable deposit to The Nanny League is due on the first day of the trial.
No. 5
You are Ready to Hire!

The Nanny League understands the importance of providing both families and nannies with clear guidelines to foster open communications from the start of this special relationship. We will provide you with a Nanny Family Agreement and will connect you with our experts. We serve as a continued source of support and advice for both you and your nanny.

We proudly partner with HomePay, Provided by Breedlove to simplify the HR aspects of being a household employer (payroll processing, tax filing and labor law compliance). As the nation’s leading household payroll & tax specialist, HomePay has eliminated work, worry, and risk for families employing a caregiver for over 25 years. To learn more about HomePay’s guaranteed service, feel free to visit their website.

For an estimate of your taxes— and your tax breaks — visit our free Employer Budget Calculator

Nannies: Interview
We look forward to finding you the perfect match for your needs today!
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Whether a seasoned nanny or a fresh-faced nanny out of college, all of our applicants go through a highly discriminating selection and screening process that includes a background check, thorough reference review, and more. This process is done meticulously in order to guarantee a high probability of success. All nannies are instructed to maintain the utmost discretion and confidentiality, and must be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement, if desired.
Full-Time Nannies
Full-Time Nannies are professionals who fit seamlessly into your family life to provide childcare, household assistance and all around family support. Full-time nannies work 40+ hours per week, depending on your family’s needs. This includes live-in and live-out nannies. Depending on the job, number of children, and duties required, most of our professional nannies typically start at $25-30/hr gross and up.
Nannies for Special Needs Children
Nannies for special needs children possess additional experience and/or training to work with children with challenges such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and other special needs. We work with each family to determine the best specialized skills a nanny must possess to care for their child.
Special Event Nannies
Event Nannies provide childcare for corporate events, weddings, birthday parties and more. Clients pay a fee of $250 for access to our professional, screened nannies. With 24 hours notice, we schedule and book the nannies for the event, given the skills and criteria required. Each nanny is paid $25/hr. for his/her time at the event. There is a booking minimum of four hours per event.
Newborn Care Specialists & Baby Nurses
Whether Part-time or Full-time, Newborn Care Specialists or Baby Nurses care for the newest of family members, supporting parents during the transition. These specialty nannies provide overnight care, 12 or 24-hour care or whatever is needed during the infant’s first year. These specialists typically charge between $25-45/hr, depending on experience. We charge 20% of the baby nurse's estimated gross salary at time of hire.
Our Tutors specialize in personal, interactive, academic guidance and teaching. Whether your child needs extra attention for daily homework, or needs a boost in a specific subject or study, our Tutors come ready to make learning a fun and rewarding experience for your child. Tutor rates start at $25/hr. We charge 15% of the tutor's annual gross salary at time of hire.
Temporary Nannies
Whether it be seasonal care (i.e. a Summer Nanny or Hotel -vacation-care) or a fill-in for your permanent nanny, we will provide you with the best back-up care for your children. Temporary Nannies provide the same customized care and household support for an agreed upon time frame, less than 1 year. We charge 35% of the nanny's gross salary at time of hire.
Personal & Household Assistants
Professional and detail-oriented, our Personal & Household Assistants are a great fit for a family who needs assistance managing household staff, planning trips, organizing household schedules, and other services needed by busy do-it-all families. We charge 15% of the assistant's annual gross salary at time of hire.
Nanny Share
Are you looking for quality care at half the cost? Find another family to employ one nanny with and split the cost of their salary along with the agency placement fee. Typically nanny shares are comprised of two families, who are often in the same neighborhood or who have children in the same age range. The nanny can care for your children under one roof, or split time between each home. Enjoy all the benefits of having a nanny with convenient in-home, quality childcare you can afford!
Virtual Services
Allow us to match you with an expert virtually for your specific needs. Our virtual experts include but are not limited to: Tutors (single or multi-subject, second language); Speech Pathologists; Coaching (music, acting, dance & athletics); Personal Assistants; Maternal Health (Lactation Consultants, Postpartum Doulas, Sleep Trainers); Health & Wellness (Nutritionists, Personal Trainers and Therapists). You set your budget, we recruit and vet the expert who best fits your needs.
Exclusive Partnership: Jam with Jamie Homeschool and Enrichment

Jam with Jamie’s family approved program is designed to support the learning and development of children ages 2-5 and built to meet your needs. We will match an experienced teaching artist to your family and adapt our curriculum to your family’s schedule, bringing creative activities in movement, crafts, sensory explorations, play and of course, music! We are here to support your children in their virtual learning, emotional development, and to provide a hands-on experience to help them grow. Available for small groups or 1:1. Our teaching artists are $35-$65/hour, depending on the number of children participating. Visit https://jamwithjamie.com/homelearning/ to get started and USE CODE JamNannyLeague15 to receive a discount!

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What Clients are Saying

“Your service clearly only represents educated thoughtful professional persons who are interested in the well being of children to a level that I thought no longer existed. Each one was CPR and first aid certified, each one was college educated, each one was interested in cooking in a health conscious way, each one had studied in some way the care of children with special needs. Each person had a special talent of their own, whether playing a musical instrument, or excelling in a sport or a language. Each person had longstanding, reliable experience in their job placement.I can from all of this be certain that you are a person of fine character and good moral consciousness and this is for me in a sometimes difficult city as a single mom is a gift. And one I want to say thank you for.”

-A-list Celebrity Mom