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The Nanny League wants you to succeed as a childcare professional. We recognize that the nanny profession can be a highly rewarding, yet often challenging job. We will do all we can to match your skills and qualifications with a family that is right for you.
requirements include the following
BA/BS college degree | AA in related field of study

CPR/First Aid Certification (renew as needed)

Ability to make a one-year commitment unless applying for a temporary position

A passion for working with children

Two+ years childcare experience

Excellent work and personal references

U.S. driver's license (this does not apply to NYC residents)

Complete Stop the Silence Training upon Membership
Fluent in English/Bilingual a plus

Competent swimmer


Willing to go through extensive Background Check

Must be Live-Scanned and registered with Trustline if CA resident

Willingness to show proof of immunizations

No-cell phone driving signed guarantee

Must be eligible to work in the U.S.
Nanny League


No. 1
Fill Out Application
We want to learn more about you! Share your childcare experience, philosophies, certifications and training in order for us to best match you with a family. Discuss your needs, preferred job scenario, and take the pledge and sign our Hands-Free driving guarantee!
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Nannies: Fill Out Application
Nannies: Create Your Resume
No. 2
Create Your Resume
Please follow this format and email us a Word .doc copy. This resume format helps highlight your unique experiences as a nanny, qualifications and more. It is the only document passed on directly to our clients (your potential employer) to help land you an interview. Your privacy is important to us and we protect it throughout the hiring process!
Resume Format
No. 3
You will meet with us one-on-one either in person or virtually. We will work together to determine a convenient time that best suits your schedule. We look forward to hearing about the intangible characteristics that make you unique face-to-face!
Nannies: Interview
Nannies: References and Background Check
No. 4
References & Background Check

After you have signed our Nanny Contract, we will begin contacting your references. We will also conduct a thorough background check on you which includes Criminal History, Driving Record, Megan’s Law Clearance and more. If you are a nanny in the state of CA, you will be responsible for registering with Trustline. Lastly, we ask that you complete our Stop the Silence Nanny Online Training.


Benefits: Connections


We will match you with a family who specifically meets your needs. We take in account a multitude of factors including your salary and location requirements, any allergies that you may have, along with your preference regarding family dynamic.
Benefits: Community


The Nanny League has partnerships with brands throughout the cities we serve. We love introducing our nannies with one another. We provide paid opportunities for our nannies to connect with the community directly through special events.
Benefits: Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Once we match you with a family, our relationship doesn’t end there. We love checking in with our nannies to hear about how they are doing and ways that we can make their working relationship with their family even better.
View Current Positions, We can’t wait to help you find your next dream job!
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Event Gallery

Nanny League Nannies love the perks involved with being member of our agency! Join our League of Extraordinary Nannies and connect with other nannies, high-profile families, and brands within your community.

Training & Education

We are so proud to represent the most highly educated and qualified nannies in the country! We provide our nannies with multiple resources and training opportunities including:
Foundation Practice for Nannies
Use code tnlnannies and receive 10% off the Foundation Practice for Nannies CACHE Endorsed Learning Programme. Foundation Practice for Nannies is a CACHE Endorsed Learning Program designed by award-winning nanny and recognized industry expert Michelle LaRowe. The course consists of 13 lessons designed specifically for nannies and covers topics including child development, health and safety, nutrition, creating optimal environments for children cared for by nannies, professionalism, and unique situations nannies face. Each lesson has an introductory video, course content, resources, and a quiz. Once all lesson quizzes are completed, students can access the final exam. Upon passing the final exam, a joint certificate from Nanny Stella, Inc. and will be accessible immediately and available for download.
Stop the Silence
Stop the Silence® – A Department of the Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma, a non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization has a Mission to promote violence-free living by improving the quality of life for individuals on local, national and international levels by sharing and disseminating vital information, improving cross-discipline collaborations, conducting research and trainings, and providing direct professional services, program evaluation, and consulting.
American Red Cross
Need to renew your CPR & FIRST AID TRAINING? Please click on the link and enter your zip code to find classes in your area.
Newborn Care Specialist
The Newborn Care Training Academy course instructs and educates individuals on the care of a newborn (birth-3 months). Care techniques cover the profession of a newborn care specialist, basic newborn care practices, feeding, nutrition, breastfeeding, managing multiples, special consideration for premature infants, sleep and sleep conditioning, issues and ailments, and the care of a postpartum mother. The Newborn Care Training Academy course is not intended to train any student for a medical situation. Students are evaluated on the mastery of the intended learning outcome through an online assessment. Students who master the intended learning outcomes are awarded a certificate for completion of the program. The cost of the program is $400 with early bird pricing. The course includes 2 days of in-person, hands-on instruction, a 185-page textbook that is professionally bound and has been reviewed by industry leaders and medical professionals, membership to our online student only Facebook group, and a certificate of completion upon passing the final exam. For convenience, we offer a payment plan, just $100 reserves your seat for in-person workshops. The NCTA is the first and only accredited NCS workshop!
International Nanny Association
INA provides a wealth of information, networking opportunities and professional and personal growth for nannies everywhere. Whether you are a first time nanny or an experienced “veteran” in the industry, INA offers something for everyone.
National Nanny Training Day
National Nanny Training Day is held to recognize the needs of young children and to raise awareness of the positive correlation between nanny training and quality care. Follow the link to find a National Nanny Training Day near you!
A wealth of resources connecting nannies and families to local agencies, frequently asked questions, educational articles and more!
National Child Passenger Safety Certification
Keeping children safe while driving is a top priority! The National Child Passenger Safety Certification ensures you are applying all safety measures when installing and operating car seats and driving children.
Nanny Care Hub
Nanny Care Hub is the launch pad for Lora Brawley’s nanny care related sites. She encourages you to check them out and you’ll discover a lot of really amazing resources.
The Nannyhood
The Nannyhood creates community and fosters friendships in their cities! It places value on, resources, and advocates for nannies.
US Nanny Institute
The US Nanny Institute is a professional nanny trade school with 6 specialized childcare programs taught online by college faculty. All programs are self-paced and include job places classes including resume writing and interview preparation.
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